ZenMen Tick Immune Support: How can it Help Me Battle Lyme Disease?

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Natural supplements like ZenMen Tick Immune Support would provide relief from the symptoms of tick-borne diseases by strengthening your immunity and promoting the body’s own ability to fight the infection whereas modern drugs only help to relieve the symptoms, often temporarily. [16] You may include ZenMen Tick Immune Support in your treatment plan for tick […]

What is Monolaurin?

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 Monolaurin is a chemical compound derived from a medium-chain triglyceride like lauric acid. It is a by-product released in the body during the metabolism of coconut fat. Recent research studies have revealed the immense therapeutic and preventive potential of this compound. It has been found to be beneficial in the management of common health […]

The Therapeutic Effects of Herbs vs Lyme Disease

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Japanese Knotweed  Research studies have shown that Japanese Knotweed can produce a powerful activity against the organisms responsible for causing tick borne diseases. It is specifically effective against the dormant and persistent forms of bacteria that are not killed by the commonly used antibiotics.  The medicinal benefits of Japanese Knotweed can be attributed to a […]