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How is diagnosis of H.Pylori Infection done?

An endoscopy is often recommended to confirm or rule out the diagnosis of H.Pylori infection, when the results of the other tests are not conclusive. An endoscopy allows the physician to look at the esophagus, stomach lining, and the initial part of the small intestine for the presence of ulceration or any other signs or complications of H.Pylori infection.

Patients who experience the symptoms of stomach upsets frequently may need to get tested for this infection. H.Pylori can be detected with the help of diagnostic tools described below:

  • Blood test: A small amount of your blood sample can be sent to a laboratory to check for the presence of antibodies to H. pylori.
  • Stool test: A sample of stool can be sent to a laboratory for a stool antigen test and a stool culture test to confirm the diagnosis.
  • Breath test: The urea breath test can be performed to check for the abnormal levels of carbon dioxide in the air breathed out. An abnormal level of carbon dioxide in the exhaled air could be a sign of this infection. 

Complications of H.Pylori

H.Pylori infection is known to cause peptic ulcers. Moreover, the infection or the ulcer itself may lead to more serious complications such as: [7]

  • Internal bleeding
  • Perforation of the gastric mucosa 
  • Intestinal obstruction
  • Peritonitis
  • Stomach cancer

This emphasizes the need to detect H.Pylori infection and seek proper treatment to avoid the complications.



By Dr. Jay Wilkins and Dr. Jyothi Shenoy

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