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Featured on today’s episode The Productive Designer host Crystal Collinson interviews TEDx speaker, author of WHY the NOSE? and Chief Executive Officer at The Scented L’air, Tracy Pepe.

Tracy has over 30 years of experience developing her superpower, which is the connection between mental health and our sense of smell. She is a perfumer specializing in essential oils, aromatics and chemicals. She created various scent solutions to rethink practical synesthesia (Tracy explains what synesthesia is) in architecture and interior design. Most of her design collaborations explored the idea of sensorial expansion. Adding the intertwinement of scent strategy and color to create nearly deepened ways of visitor sensation.

In this episode, Tracy breaks down scent design and essential oils for consumers to understand that scent design is more than a scented candle.

Tracy talks about her book which was her personal journey as a perfumer and the fear of getting COVID. And the chance of losing her sense of smell would be like a Designer losing their eyesight. Tracy explains how COVID impacts the central nervous system. In which the number one symptom is people losing their sense of smell and their sense of taste. Noting that the unfortunately the medical community downplay this. However, in the scent world, that’s a huge red flag. She shares the research information about people who loses their sense of smell is close to 76% chance to experience some form of depression.

So join Crystal and Tracy as they talk about Tracy’s scent business, the relation of smell and depression, and the qualities to look for in buying essential oils.

Then, “Do something today that your future self will thank you for”. And contact Tracy to get your copy of her new E-book, free smelling kit, or workbook.

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