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  • Best For: Prepared travelers and outdoor adventurers who want to be mindful of tick exposure, Lyme Disease and chronic co-infections like Bartonellosis, Babesiosis, and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, and for customers who need help maintaining and supporting their immune system. Safe and Works for Women too!
  • What is ZenMen Tick Immune Support? An immune system support against tick bites that contains a powerful 20:1 herbal formula, including Japanese Knotweed and Cat’s Claw. Also contains: Cryptolepis Sanguinolenta, Black Walnut, Black Pepper Extract, Alchornea Cordifolia, Serrapeptase, Cistus Incanus, Gou Teng, Sarsaparilla and more.
  • What are the benefits of ZenMen Tick Immune Support? Added Chinese Skullcap which may help manage a healthy response against chronic inflammation, and Sweet Wormwood which contain antioxidants.
  • How to take ZenMen Tick Immune Support? Take four (4) capsules daily or as recommended by a healthcare professional. Results may vary. Best taken regularly over time for results. Do not exceed recommended dose. Pregnant or nursing mothers, children under age 18, and individuals with a known medical condition should consult with a physician before taking this or any dietary supplement. Keep out of reach of children. Do not use if safety seal is missing or damaged. Store in a cool, dry place.
  • For better results, use daily for three months and take with ZenMen Monolaurin Complex and/or ZenMen Cruciferous Vegetables and Probiotics.
  • We’re here for you! We want you to be fully satisfied and choose with confidence. If you are not satisfied with our product, just send us a message.

  • These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. If you are currently taking any medications, anticipating any surgeries or medical treatments, or are unsure if you are allergic to any ingredients in a dietary supplement, consult a physician first. Statements regarding dietary supplements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition.



To manage tick bites, immune system and Lyme disease, it seems like you need a dozen supplements to find the support you deserve. However, our blend makes it easy. Therefore, we only combine complementary herbs with research-backed benefits. Similarly, it will benefit your support system.

If you are facing a problem regarding your immune system and autoimmune disease. Do you want to get rid of this problem by using a natural remedy? Tick Immune Support is the ultimate solution. In conclusion, it will resolve your problem and support your immune system to improve your health.  

ZenMen Tick Immune Support has some astonishing benefits, it will: 


    Why Choose Zenmen’s?

    Here are some amazing features of this product which will beneficial for your immune system and health. It is VEGAN, Made in the USA in a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) facility, GMO-free, gluten-free, sugar-free, dairy-free, egg-free, and shellfish-free. Tick Immune Support is manufactured using natural herbs. It has no side effects on the human body. However, this is the most reliable feature of this product for your immune system.

    You can experience its benefits by ordering and using this. 

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    TICK IMMUNE SUPPORT-Why choose this?


    *For better results, take ZenMen Tick Immune Support with Monolaurin Complex.

    **These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Results may vary. Best taken regularly over time for results.

26 reviews for Tick Immune Support
  1. Elizabeth Sweet

    My mom got diagnosed with Lyme and used this and it completely got rid of it. No side effects. I’m sold, will definitely use this in conjunction with antibiotics after a tick encounter.

  2. Marvin

    My wife noticed a difference in dealing with her Lyme issues. I would recommend this product.

  3. Ginger

    I have only been taking this supplement for a few days but I seem to feel better. This was recommended by a friend.

  4. Ann

    I am a doubting Thomas… ordered this because I was out of options and was feeling so crummy. Within a week of taking this I really feel so much better. No more aching joints. My chronic half headaches gone. And I actually feel like getting up and going again. I really can’t believe how much better I feel!!!

  5. donna

    I’ve been suffering from a bacterial Lyme infection for 5 years. I’ve tried many doctor prescribed antibiotics and other natural remedies with little success. The condition makes my skin really itchy especially after I sweat. After day 2 of taking this, my energy returned and the itch was much better. Although I have not been on this very long, I know that I found the thing that will help me get better. This is the real thing.

  6. Dean

    Seems to work after a week or so.
    No magic bullet but hey my gun is out anyway.

  7. Olivia m.

    Works better than any other lyme supplement I’ve tried!

  8. ARosa

    An oral combined regimen that’s easier than drops.

  9. Laura

    Years ago, I was diagnosed with Babesia and Bartonella (tick infections) by a holistic doctor after months of being misdiagnosed by medical doctors who eventually gave up on me and told me to see a psychologist. I had symptoms of extreme insomnia, panic attacks, fever, body aches, fatigue, chest tightness….etc. But with the holistic doctor’s help (and thousands of dollars later) I was back to my normal self and my immune system was strong enough to take care of the double infections.
    After attending my daughter’s Track and Field day at school, someone had mentioned they saw ticks around. After getting home I immediately checked myself and my daughter for ticks but found nothing (although with Babesia and Bartonella, I never saw a tick nor had the ring on the skin). Approximately 3 days later I had such pain in my joints that it was hard to move and then the insomnia hit where I would only get an hour of sleep every night. I had a headache that lasted 4 days (even inbuprofen didn’t help) and ran a low grade fever. I KNEW from these symptoms that I had been bitten by a tick.
    Rather than go through what I went through previously and not having the money to shell out to all the doctors, I researched what herbs/supplements help with tick infections. And then I found Tick Bite Immune Support. Within 2 days I felt 150% better!! It contained all the herbs I was looking for wrapped up in one pill. I only had slight Herxing effects but they weren’t bad and now I am back to myself, sleeping 8 hours a night without any pain.
    This is WONDERFUL!! My many thanks to this company for producing such an amazing product with all the herbs that are known to combat tick infections. Rather than by a bottle of each supplement, you have them all in one and THEY WORK!!! Thank you Thank you!!

  10. Amazon Customer

    I was bitten by a deer tick in may 2022, in 2 weeks i was feeling so bad and in bed sleeping most of the time, thought I was going to die n didn’t want to go to the hospital so did research and found the tick meds i needed on Amazon 🙂
    So i read reviews and like to hear this product works, so ordered some and started taking 1 pill every 6hrs then after the 1st day i was feeling better now on 3rd day and almost all symptoms are gone nearly all the way., i will take these pills as recommended as they work for me.
    I have recommended this product to my outdoor enthusiast friends that go in tick areas to use if they’re bitten.
    I use bug repellent but it doesn’t stop the ticks completely.

  11. Judith

    I am noticing improvement in some of my chronic lyme problems after only one month!

  12. Elias

    I had long term lyme disease several years ago and finally got rid of it with the help of an alternative doctor. However we live in a highly deer tick infested area and our family has had a number of the lyme coinfections such as bartonella and babecia. Once lyme or these coinfections go stealth in your body, they are extremely hard to get rid of. I was finally able to be lyme free and 100 percent symptom free. Each time I’ve gotten a bit, I revisit our holistic doctor because catching it early is KEY. This past spring has been particularly bad. I’ve had four deer tick bites in two weeks and began exhibiting the all too familiar early symptoms of sweating, dizziness and joint pain. I decided I just did not want to run to the holistic doctor yet again to get rid of it this time and I looked up the ingredients of the supplements he always puts us on and all of them are included in this particular product on amazon. I got a bottle overnighted and started it and within 48 hours the lyme symptoms I was experiencing as a result of the four bites began to dissipate. They are now almost all gone. Honestly, that is faster and better than doxycycline, which we’ve also tried in the past for early detection lyme. If you google each of these herbs, they all have proven laboratory effectiveness against lyme and its various strains as well as the coinfections like bartonella. I will be buying a few more bottles of this for my family since we are in a rural and heavily lyme infested area. If you have had lyme disease for months or years, it’s going to be a lot harder to destroy. Lyme spirochetes can enter your joints, muscles and organs and the spirochete changes to a different form to protect itself and hide. The product may indeed make you quite sick as you are detoxing if you have had it a long time. I had stomach issues for the first two days on it but was fine after that. Try splitting the dose or trying two a day if four are too many for a while until your body can catch up with detoxing the die off and then build back up to four. Lyme is no joke. In 2008 I was nearly disabled with it. You are going to need powerful herbs to destroy it and Lyme die off does come with side effects. You may need this product long term if you have long term Lyme or assistance from an alternative doctor if you have been sick a very long time. If you live in a highly infested area and have a tendency to get bit no matter what precautions you take, this stuff is an amazing tool to have on hand!

  13. Gwenn

    Really helped with sore joints & lingering fatigue long after full antibiotic treatment for lyme. Noticeable improvement after just 24 hours.

  14. Amazon Customer

    its to soon to tell if it helps or not.

  15. taaj

    These are the herbs that you want for Lyme. I usually use them in a tincture which actually works better. It takes some time to make a tincture, so this was available in a pinch. it’s decent, just doesn’t have the same potency, I think.

  16. Ava K Lamb

    It is good to find a combination of Lyme fighting herbs in one place because buying all the recommended herbs for lyme can add up VERY quickly. Lyme is a sad and expensive disease to have. I was successfully treated for lyme and have no issues now but I gave this to my best friend and neighbor as she is struggling for five years and I like to show her I’m supportive of how lonely lyme can be.
    Knotweed , the main ingredient here, is an invasive plant that I can find easily around my house. I have a different friend struggling with Lyme who dries and grinds her own knotweed and she puts it into empty gel capsules. That is definitely the most cost effective way to get knotweed supplements. Plus it’s good to get rid of it!
    My friend felt that after a week of using the supplement she had some “die off” causing bloating which she says is good. Hopefully she continues to see more positive signs from this formula.

  17. d delladonna

    Will update in months. They don’t taste gross they may come up on you some.
    If these are quality herbs they are all the ones needed for Lyme. I guess they are new. Still trying to find reviews. Wondering if it’s the company that does cbd.
    Lyme for 15 years undiagnosed not doing antibiotics hoping natural works. I’ve tried many.
    Here’s to hope thinking you may need like double dose. I dunno. Have to refer to buhners protocol again.

  18. Vicky Barbour

    Have suffered Lyme Disease aftereffects for 10 months and used multiple herbal tinctures, but after 10 days on this, I have more energy and and a little less joint and muscle pain. Can’t wait to see how much more improvement it makes to my health.

  19. Brandy Guyton

    I am only on day five so it is early to be optimistic but still everyday that is nearly symptom free is a day to be thankful for.

    Took all 4 tablets every day in afternoon. On day 3 I had mild diarrhea in morning, took the meds that afternoon and an hour later had fairly moderate flu like symptoms lasting about 3-5 hours. When I say moderate I mean under the blankets on couch with my daughter asking what’s wrong and me googling what it could be. Found out I was most likely herxing. Had massive diarrhea after about 3-5 hours and flu symptoms went away.
    Day 4 and 5 have not produced any herxing but my normal chronic lyme or whatever you call it symptoms have been much milder than normal. I am urinating ALOT.

    Positive Lyme in January 2019 and battling ever since.

  20. Miranda Mitchell

    These work pretty well. I haven’t had anymore night sweats. They help my bowels. I have chronic constipation. Which is a symptom of Lyme. They make really pee a lot I still have the bad ringing I my ears. No change in it. They do help with the pain some. I’m on my second bottle. I can’t get help in the medical system, so I have to treat myself. It really makes me suffer mentally with Lyme, and co infection’s. It’s a travesty what they are doing to the American people.

  21. Leah Shipp

    Started slow per doctors orders. Started full dose 2 days ago and I am now having herx reaction, but that means it’s working! Trying to beat Lyme naturally.

  22. Bill W

    Hides the horrid taste of the powder but does work if you follow the directions and dosage.

  23. K.Peterson

    This blend of herbs is perfect for parasite cleanses which includes the the cause of Babisiosis the babesia parasite. Lyme is considered to be caused by a spirochete, so these herbs may help cleanse the spirochetes as well (I have no experience with spirochetes but parasite cleanses I am familiar with). I got this formula after a tick attached itself to my calf. it was half dead having lit on my treated dog first but it did leave an irritation that could be called a “bulls eye”. I currently feel no side effects but better safe than sorry.

    This supplement should bolster my immune system which will help me fight off any negative effects of the tick bite. the wormwood and black walnut will help cleanse parasites. Knotweed is an immune system booster as well as Cats Claw, serrapeptase, etc.. It is made in the USA, GMO free, gluten free, vegan friendly and quality checked.

    When I was seeing an herbalist she recommended a similar formula for one month and repeating every quarter. The recommendation on the bottle is four capsules taken for three months. I think I will choose a compromise of four capsules per day for one month and see how I feel. If you took it as recommended it would cost you nearly $100 which isn’t outrageous given the seriousness of tick borne illnesses but a month should allow for some estimation of results and I will carry on from there.

  24. Mia

    I’ve been treated with Lyme a year ago with antibiotics. Symptoms came back. I read a lot about herbs protocol but didn’t know how to start. I thought of trying each herb separately and adjusting the dose. It’s expensive to buy each herb separately. I don’t know how to achieve enough dose by taking powder herbs. So, for me these capsules the best way to start treatment. The seller’s recommended dose is 4 capsules, but I started from 1 capsule to see any changes and prevent any side effects. I will increase the dose to reach four capsules daily. If you are worried about side effects or had an allergic reaction in past, you need to take each herb separately. I think it’s a good complex that contains the best herbs for treating Lyme and parasites.

  25. NetJunkie

    When you experience Lyme disease you want it to go away completely and not come back. In doing my research of different options, I found that the herbs in this supplement is what is recommended by most that have dealt with Lyme disease. I also like that this also boosts your immune system so that alone makes it worth it. I started out low at 1 capsule a day and worked my way up to the recommended dosage. So far I am tolerating it well.

  26. Grant

    Everyone has some amount of “bad bugs” in their system depending on diet/lifestyle. I got lyme in 2010 with the ring around my deer tick bite. I was fortunate enough to get that symptom. Most people do not get the ring. If you have had tick bites and feel foggy fatigued and sore every day no matter what you do you need this supplement. Only on day 4 taking 3 every morning and already feeling better. Will update when bottle is finished. This is good to keep all bad bugs in check and keep immune system strong. Im already detoxed from clean diet but expect a herx reaction initially. Start slow. If you have chronic lyme youll want to add about 32oz of cistus tea with raw stevia Lauricidin Fresh pressed citrus juice and chlorella daily.

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