Natural Ingredients to Reduce Body Odor and Bad Breath

Natural Ingredients to Reduce Body Odor and Bad Breath


The deficiency of zinc is commonly linked to body odor. The use of supplements that contain zinc would replenish the levels of this nutrient in your body and help you get rid of body odor. [9]

Agaricus Bisporus and Psyllium Powder

Agaricus bisporus and psyllium powder possess a natural anti-diabetic potential that could help you avoid the common causes of body odor like diabetic ketoacidosis, skin infections, and athlete's foot. 

These herbs would also promote the functions of the kidneys and liver thus supporting the elimination of toxins from the body responsible for causing body odor. [10]


Chlorophyllin would help reduce body odor by acting on the skin and modifying the activities of the sweat glands. Chlorophyllin, along with Sage extract, would also help to destroy bacteria in the skin thereby preventing unpleasant body odor caused due to infections and the breakdown of sweat by these pathogens. 

Clove Extract 

The use of pleasant-smelling herbs and spices such as Clove, Parsley, and Peppermint in your diet or in the form of supplements could provide significant relief from body odor. The pleasant and soothing aroma of these ingredients would also help you feel fresh and confident and reduce anxiety and embarrassment caused due to body odor.  

Natural vs. Modern Drugs 

Natural supplements containing a combination of these herbs would provide more effective and lasting relief from body odor than modern drugs that only help to suppress sweating. 

Herbal remedies possess a natural ability to reduce body odor by eliminating the root cause and restoring healthy bodily functions. 

The modern treatments, on the other hand, are aimed at reducing sweat production, which may result in serious long-term complications. 

Hence, it is advisable to choose natural supplements to avoid body odor and its impact on your physical and emotional health. 

Body odor and excessive sweating are often the indicators of an underlying health condition. The use of natural supplements containing nutrients and herbs would reduce unpleasant body odor by eliminating the root cause and help you avoid stress, anxiety, and embarrassment linked to the issue.


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