Dr Tara Calmes-Norgaard

Dr. Tara Calmes-Norgaard was conventionally trained in Neurology and Pain Management. She saw patients struggling to get better and started looking for the underlying cause of conditions. She has extensive experience treating chronic conditions, such as, tick-borne/vector-borne illness, cognitive decline, chronic pain, neurological conditions, hormonal imbalance, mast cell activation, mold/biotoxin illness, gut health, autoimmunity, traumatic brain injury, mood issues, seizures, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s, headaches/migraines and Alzheimer’s Disease.

She has a passion for helping patients identify and treat the cause of symptoms and disease. Her clinical experience (starting in 2005) includes treating patients with complicated conditions. She thinks outside of the box. She searches for ways to help patients achieve long-lasting health and symptom improvement. She looks at the whole person and develops an individual plan that includes addressing these root causes. She finds joy in helping patients return to a functioning state or get to the best version of themselves.

She enjoys spending time with her husband and three children. They love camping, hiking, biking, skiing and being outdoors. She feels fortunate to have the functional and root cause background, as this has been crucial for keeping herself and her family healthy.

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