Lori T Billiard, CRNP

Lori is a family nurse practitioner practicing over 12 years with a variety healthcare experiences that date back over three decades. Lori possess a life-long passion about discovering how the body intrinsically works and how it can heal itself naturally. During this quest, Lori has discovered the science of functional medicine and sought out to learn the root causes to chronic disease and how food can promote healing.

After three years of functional medicine didactic studies and a stringent-difficult certification process, Lori is honored to now be 1 of 1700 worldwide CERTIFIED functional medicine practitioners through the Institute of Functional Medicine.

Lori's healthcare focus is on resetting the GUT microbiome as our current understanding is there is a direct correlation between the GUT-BRAIN-BODY connection related to disease and inflammation.

The diagnoses, that the office of Lilly of The Valley Gut Health treats are for those of ages 2 and up: auto immune; thyroid; yeast; mycotoxins; IBS; SIBO; reflux; depression; anxiety; acne; rashes; Lyme, hormone dysfunction; PCOS; DM-2; HTN; metabolic syndrome; obesity; ADHD; allergies/asthma; covid exposure/early treatment/long-haulers, some spectrum disorders, PANDAS/POTS and mild cognitive dysfunction.

Lori offers a FREE 20  minute Discovery Visit  to explore your health issues and help you understand how functional medicine can reset your GUT and overall Health.

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